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From Our Guest Book

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"Mr. Mrs. Leonard, Mr. Mrs. Snyder, Miss. Jan Kramer and Miss. Katherine Blunk had a two weeks cruise during May 15 to 29 2010. They have sent the copy of the article about their blue cruise published their "


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Just a few lines to say thank you so much for a very professionally arranged holiday. We had a fantastic time and will carry lots and lots of memories with us for a very long time! We managed to see some picturesque harbors, a fear bit of culture and have quiet time in some lovely bays along your beautiful coast! My friend and I even bumped into a turtle whilst kayaking near Dalayan - he (the turtle) was only a couple of meters away from us - fantastic! The children loved their holiday as much as we did, and our little "princess" is no a far better and more confident swimmer then 3 weeks ago.

Thanks to Mrs.R. Richards from Norway for being on board of our yacht and their comments and advices regarding our services. July 2010

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gulet cruises bodrum
gulet cruises turkey
Six good friends went out to sea In the good charter yacht H. Dogan To explore the land called Turkey With Captain Ali, and his crew They swam,they sailed through sea and mountains Climbed ruins and roads And when they were weary they returned To laughter and wine and cook Ali's magical galley Where an unwary octopus became a feast"

From Mr. D'Angelo and his group

"This is a greeting from 12 satisfied Norwegian passengers who would like to thank the crew for a fantastic yacht charter along the Turkish Coast."

From Mr. Hole and his group.

What a fabulous four days. The food was delicious, the sservice suberb and I loved my swimming and conversiotions with our hostess. I want to come back for longer time. Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality.

Judy Onthank June 2006

Loved the blue,blue water and the great crew. Thanks for the great time. Pictures to follow.


Thank you so much for the most unbelievable holiday. Unforgetable. The food, the people,the weather,the sneary. We truly could not have asked for anything more. Thank you, thank you....

The Elkin and Kupier Families from South Africa 14-07-2006

gulet family holidays
What an unforgettable experience!. Thank you for being such a wonderful crew,even when the engine died; you handled in perfectly. All the different bays we parked in were beautiful, even though the fish finished.!! Ali is the best cook in the world. I loved all his food. Oh and thank you for providing us with sugar money for our card games. Kyra Stewart + 5!

Katia Oteman and her group from Canada

gulet holidays
Dear Crew, Thank you for a wonderful 2 weeks on the Aegean and Meditarrenean. We enjoyed the sun,beautiful sceneray, the food too. Thank you for making our family vacation so memorable!

Chris, Minna, KC,Alex, Joe and Em Miller from Canada 02-08-2006

Very good crew....... very bad passangers!!! Magali and Carolina, Mace, Camilla.(the little monsters).... The crew still alive.......

From Mrs. Tea Macori her family and friends on board of H.Dogan during 02/08-06 / 16-08-2006

One week of paradise on earth. After period of stress, it is great place to find peace around. Thank you for the service. Ibo, Ali,Neco you are the best. We will not forget you.

Neta Miki Levin from Israel. 23/08/06

Thanks so much for a wonderful 6 days from Bodrum to Marmaris. The food was excellent and loved sailing. Thanks again.

Louise,Serdar,Alexander Dursun 9/09/2006

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"This has to be one of , if not the best vacations I've had. I feel so relaxed. The Turkish coast is beautiful, like a picture postcard everywhere I looked. The crew did a wonderfull job making us feel comfortable. Food top notch. Ali you are amazing chef. Ibo always felt safe with you at the helm. Tanju and Fuat you are great company. Thanks for a really good time. " Ben bu tatilin bu kadar güzel geçeciğini hiç düşünmedim, su 6 gün bitmesin isterdim. Bu kadar güzel planlanmış, yemekler kusursuz. Kaptan ve Ali nin güleryüzlü hizmetleri beni ve ailemi çok memnun etti. Eğer referans istenirse bizi memnuniyetle gösterebilirsiniz. Her şey için teşekkürler"

Thanks to Özden- Daniel Jarski (lovely honeymoon couple )for their warm remarks and also thanks to whole family for being on board of our yacht.

gulet blue cruises
Thank you for a woınderful cruise. It was our first but certainly not our last. Each of us- from France, Vermort, Barcelona and Guetemala have been captivated by this beautiful and historic country ; by it's warm, hospitable people; and by this most magnificient Agean and its starry nights.

Thanks to Mr. James Sector and his friends for being on board.

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It is with pleasure to talk about our cruising with H.Dogan because my family, friends and myself were totally satisfied, indeed one of our best holidays. We sailed from Marmaris to Fethiye and every day we had a mix of activities ranging from swiming, windsurfing, visiting archeological ruins, meeting local people in villages, mud baths, fishing.... The crew was most helpful, sympathic and attentive to our needs. They used to fish and the cook would prepare the fresh fish in simple but delicious manner. The boat is comfortable and well maintained. Hope to be on board for another charter.

Thanks to Mr. Chapelier and his family sharing their cruising memories.

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private gulet charters
"We came from far away and it was worth it. The H.Dogan surpassed our highest expectations. To our Captain Ahmet, many thanks for showing us so many beautiful places during our charter on Marmar,s- Fethiye-Marmaris route. To Chef Ali, congratulations for the excellent cooking with well prepared yacht menu and his permanent smile. Thanks Erdal for your help and Serhat; your parents must be very proud for being so well educated. You have helped us very much during all this week with your excellent English."

Ms.Giordano and her group from Uruguay and Argentina

I had the modst wonderful relaxing week on the yacht Dogan with crewAli,Neco,Ibo. I feel refreshed,alive,relaxed. The dark circles under my eyes lone gone. I do not want to end. Thanks to the crew.

Jodie Stolle

Well, what can we say. we thought this would be a great cruise. You did not dissapoint. A great crew, great food,great shipmates. Sun,sea,food and wine.. What more could we wish for.(apart from a wedding) Which Jodi,Andrew and Ibo managed to arrange. A bouquet picked from the mountains, borrowed veil, hand made rings. Cennet Island the perfect location.

Mark Lear and friends from New Zealand 23/09/2006

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" Dear Captain, Erdal and Ali, Thank you for making this once in a lifetime experience for us. We enjoyed all the food very much and your considerate attention made this wonderfull holiday in Turkey."

Ms.Giordano and her group from Uruguay and Argentina

"Thank you for a wonderfull trip. We had a good time. Thanks a lot to Ali for the wonderfull food, thanks to the Captain for a safe trip and thanks to Erdal."

Mr. M. Dabour and his family from USA.

"Million of thanks to the Captain and his crew for their attention, courtesy, marvellous sailing, delicious cooking. This charter time was too short but the memories will be long. All the best to H.Dogan"

Mr.Nicholas and his group from France

"Of all my correspondence with Tanju, I thought I had a good idea of what our charter would be like. But these 10 days have surpassed my vision by far- for our family it has been a most enjoyable and very relaxing holiday. The Captain and crew spoilt us deliciously and very charmingly. I will cherish my Turkish tan with fond memories of a truly remarkable time aboard H. Dogan. Thank you Tanju for all your direct responses to my many enquiries, much appreciated."

Mrs. Dana Mouton and family South Africa

"We have a fantastic yacht charter, seven friends, all over worked. We have absolutely loved this refreshing break from the usual tourist traps. Thanks again to Tanju for a brilliant yacht and crew. It was more than we wished for. A time that we will all remember with singular joy."

Steve, Mel, Sarah, Rob, Jo, Paul and Matt from UK.

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"We came from Florida, USA for the holiday of our lives. Captain Ibo and his crew Dogan and Bekir have made our trip wonderful. We loved swimming in the small caves, exploring Dalyan(,Kaunos, Lycian tombs and the muth baths!) We will recommend H.Dogan to all our friends for a good charter and tell them how beautiful Turkey and how friendly and charming Turkish people are. The best family holiday we have ever had. Gillian,Ian, Laura, Courtney and Sophie

Miller family

Unsurpassed Turkish hospitality in a beautiful part of the world have made a dream come true. We will certainly be back. A fabulous family holiday, many thanks to a wonderful crew who treated us like royalty.

Kevin and Janet Heydenrych and family.

bodrum gulet cruise
An Absolutely delightful way to end our 12 day trip to Turkey. We were on board 4 days, cruising from Marmaris. The Captain, cook and trainee were very helpful always in good spirits. I'd add a few more CDs to the collection and more candles, but that's about it. Wonderful memories.

Laura Ingraham / USA

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blue cruise gulet rentals bodrum
An unsual crowd of 5 nationalities had a great time. Thank you for everything. The memories will stay with us for ever.

Murat Akbeg family and their friends from Belgium, Switzerland and US.

yacht charters bodrum
Even in our best dreams, we could not have asked for a more wonderful honeymoon. Romantically beautiful beaches, fascinating explorations of the coast, ideally relaxing shipboard life. Many, many thanks to the whole crew for giving us such a traffic experience. Going back to work and everyday life will be hard but we can't wait to show our photos to friends and family.

Amy Sue Brix , Taner Edis

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What a wonderful trip, and what a wonderful collection of memories! Attached are some pictures of our time on the H. Dogan. What a wonderful time we had! It was a high point of our trip. A perfect week in so many ways--relaxing and exciting at the same time. Give our very best to Captain Ibo, Dogan and Alil. Tell Dogan we never ate so well in our lives. He's a wizard with a grill! They did so much to make our cruise a pleasure and their kindness and attention to my kids was very much appreciated (not to mention the free backgammon lessons!).Again, thanks for a wonderful time. We hope to return again. All the best,

Malcolm and Jahnna, Dash and Skye Hillgartner
Claude and Janine Coirier
Claude Rochette

This has been the first overseas trip for my wife and I. And what a wonderful start to our immediate love for travel. We came with a group(8 in total) from Australia and we all have memories forever. The love the Turks have for their flag. The beautiful waterways and humbling history of this truly remarkable area. The friendship of the Turkish people for visitors. The importantce of socializing and sharing our cultures. If I ever set up a restaurant in Australia I will be having Ali as his attention to detail and extraordinary culinary skills were exceptional. He worked tirelessly and never seemed to sleep. What a great contributor. İbo also worked long hours to contribute to our wonderful cruise. He is an easy going character and master mariner. You can observe his love of the sea. Fuat you have the greatest combination for a succesfull business. Thanks for the memories.

Thanks to Mr. Ray Baker and his friends from Australia

Thanks to everyone who were on board H.DOGAN and hope to see you again.

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